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A Note From The Editor
AS I WAS THINKING about how I would introduce myself in these pages and what I would write, I was reminded of a delightful Zoom tea I had a few months ago with my colleague and friend, Rick Hamlin. Afterward, we exchanged a few e-mails about prayer.
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Saturday, January 2
YEARS AGO, I SAW A pastoral counselor for some painful, persistent issues. One day, she—a passionate Christian—announced excitedly, “Jesus gave me this verse for you,” and recited the verse above. I was hungry for a new life but paralyzed by my past
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Wednesday, February 3
WHEN MY HEART PALPITATIONS INCREASED in frequency, my doctor had me wear a heart monitor taped to my abdomen, which continually recorded data. After that, he scheduled a stress test. I walked on the treadmill, watching my heart function in real time