New American Paintings

Nancy Lim

ailing from throughout the West Coast, the talented artists selected for this issue range broadly—in their topical concerns, formal approaches, and the memories they summon. Tucker Nichols’s paintings are like spirited visual balms, their off-center compositions animating floral bouquets and pulling pools of color to the surface. Barb Gipple’s drawings offer a more panoramic view of densely worked Pacific Northwest landscapes that hint at seeing far but pull our eyes short at their furry textures and roving colors. In contrast, Emma Webster’s paintings offer paths into deep pictorial

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Alejandro Cardenas
Los Angeles, CA 310.838.2770 (Anat Ebgi) / / @a.cardenas Alejandro Cardenas’s work depicts fluid and graphic characters populating verdant landscapes and dreamlike interiors. Humanoid, at
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Ilana Zweschi
Seattle, WA 206.624.3034 (Linda Hodges Gallery) / / @ilanazweschi I start with written text. Documents that have the power to outline ways in which some lives are made more important than others. Pronouncements
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Michael Alvarez
Los Angeles, CA 626.379.8564 / / @_michaelalvarez__ My paintings document a collection of stories and experiences within my contemporary urban environment that I would like to share with the view