New American Paintings

Editor’s Note

The job of making selections for the 2018 fell to the very capable Anne Ellegood, Senior Curator at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, with whom we have worked twice before. I have always had immense respect for Anne’s curatorial vision, and her exhibitions tend to be pitch-perfect––heady enough for art-world insiders and accessible enough for

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Tahnee Lonsdale
Los Angeles, CA 212.255.5735 (De Buck Gallery) / / @tahneelonsdale Each of my paintings peers into my personal journey, juggling the ambiguous roles of a twenty-first-century mother and artist. There is
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Michael Haight
Los Angeles, CA / / My arts practice is intertwined with my Buddhist practice. Themes of compassion, suffering, cycles of death and birth, and the accumulation of wisdom flow through each image.
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Amir H. Fallah
Los Angeles, CA 310.281.0961 (Shulamit Nazarian) / Amir H. Fallah creates paintings, sculptures, and installations that utilize personal history as an entry point to discuss race, representation, the body, a