FORMER U.S. ARMY PSY-OP SERGEANT: Hakim Isler’s Approach

Since having a new baby, we’d have also made a point to stock up on a year’s worth of powdered milk and baby food.


Because I live by the “not if it will happen, but when” motto, my family and I have been preparing for long-term disasters for many years. When my wife and I decided to put money toward stocking up on supplies, we knew that purchasing a large quantity in one fell swoop is cost prohibitive. On average, we go shopping every two weeks, so we started purchasing small essentials during our shopping trips to gradually increase our emergency supply cache.

Over the last two years we’ve set aside $125 per month plus half of any remaining discretionary funds to help pay for items that we’d need for a disaster. Every two months we buy a bucket of freeze-dried food. Our biweekly shopping trips also lead to the acquisition of bottled water, protein bars, hygiene products like antibacterial

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Protecting Yourself On Paper
BANG, CRASH, BOOM! You live in a gated community in, let’s say, St. Louis, Missouri. You’re outside enjoying a Sunday family barbecue in the late afternoon, early evening. The crash is followed by a chant of sorts: “No justice, no peace!” This mantra
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AmTac Shooting AK Course
“The AK is so prolific throughout our world,” said Bill Rapier. “After many years, most of you are proficient with your AR. Why not spend a day with a different platform, to train at the highest level, to break your own misconceptions?” Rapier, owner
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Highway Hazards
Late one night, you’re traveling along a lonely stretch of road when you notice a car ahead of you drift off the road and cartwheel into a ditch, finally coming to rest upside down in the middle of the road. As you quickly come to a halt behind the w