Although survival is undeniably a physical challenge, the mental aspect is often even tougher to overcome. The most obvious mental challenges occur in the heat of the moment — for example, struggling to maintain focus, stay calm, and surmount hopelessness in a desperate

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Pipe Dreams
In the past few years, a “do-it-yourself shotgun” kit has become popular, billed as a “survival shotgun.” It’s made by Runway Sub-Cal, a manufacturer known for producing rifled flare gun inserts to allow shooters to fire pistol rounds through 26.5mm
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Emergency Signaling Devices
Self-reliance is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the emergency preparedness community, but it’s also a term that seems to be frequently misconstrued. A self-reliant individual takes every feasible step to avoid unnecessary dependence on outsi
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Backup Power
In my industry, cameras are no good if the power goes out, so we need an answer for that scenario. Homeowners may not have the luxury of a backup generator specifically for security, due to the fact that such backups are typically used for refrigerat