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Collecting ANTIQUE MAPS with Michael Mole

So inspired was Michael Mole by his grandfather Spencer Thomas’s map collection that seven years ago, he started his own. During a long career spent travelling abroad, Spencer had amassed an assortment of antique

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Beautiful surroundings definitely have a positive effect on your life. One of the perks of this job is that we get to visit some lovely homes and gardens, and the experience is always uplifting and inspiring. Just being in an attractive space makes y
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This Weekend
Divide overcrowded summer-flowering perennials with fleshy, rhizomatous roots into generous clumps so they bulk up quickly. These include agapanthus, day lilies, Dietes spp. (wild iris), Tradescantia virginiana (pictured), alstroemeria (Inca lilies),
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Caring For Your Collection
Dust glassware regularly as dirt collects in relief work and grime tends to stick to the matt, acid-etched finish. Carefully wash by hand with mild detergent and tepid water. Use a plastic basin to prevent chipping. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth t