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We Summon The Darkness
RELEASED OUT NOW! 2020 | 15 | DVD/download/VOD Nothing to do with Justin Hawkins, this ’80s-set slasher follows three young women travelling to see their favourite metal band, as Satanic slayings spread across the country. When they invite three dude
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Days Of Future Past
FROM PROJECTILE vomit to projectile ejaculation, the very adult sci-fi comedy Future Man has had its fair share of shocking moments. But for lead star Josh Hutcherson, of Hunger Games fame, one stands out by a country mile. Or, at least, 12 inches. “
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What can you tell us about Steve’s journey through time? Not a thing, unfortunately. How was it coming back to the world of Wonder Woman? Great fun. As you know, I love Patty and I love Gal. And this time we have Pedro and Kristen on board, who did a