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Born and raised in Durban, Shazeen Jooma studied marketing and supply chain management at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and pursued his postgraduate degree in marketing. Jooma started  working at Classic Luxury Tiles and Bathrooms in November 2014 after his final exam, and he has never looked back.

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Open and SHUT
More than just a means to create privacy, blinds and shutters have evolved to become integral elements in home design, offering everything from décor to temperature control and security. In 2021, they’re only going to become more indispensible, not t
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Tips For Painting A Room
• Always prepare your wall surface properly. • Use the correct product for the right surface. • Never use indoor paints for outdoor applications. • Always prime your surface properly. • Observe drying times between coats. • Two coats are usually bett
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Put Up A Good Front
Garage doors are staying eco-friendly and on-trend in 2021, according to Absolute Doors’ Rob van den Berg. “High-density foam-filled garage doors are the latest trend, as these doors have insulation qualities. They keep the heat out in summer and the