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The Italians are renowned for their finesse, style and zest for life, and this translates right down to their coveted furniture, elegant architecture and modern interiors. Achieving this look is easy when quality and craftsmanship are the top two deciding factors when making style choices for the home. Embrace Italian classics, invest in statement furniture, layer materials and you’ll master an Italian look in no time –

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South African Home Owner
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Multipurpose SPACES
Each new year brings new design trends that influence consumers’ buying decisions. These trends are long-standing and they develop and change over time. Trends come from consumers’ attitudes, lifestyles, needs, wants and spending patterns. The consum
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Paint Trends
Using a contrasting paint colour on a feature wall is on-trend for 2021. This can be a flow-in contrasting colour where the shade of the room colour is repeated on the feature wall but is at least two to three shades darker. These colours all feature