grew up understanding that there’s the right tool for the right job, and to tackle any job with the wrong tool was just asking for trouble. When we talk about tools, most people think of screwdrivers, box wrenches, power drills and the like. They’re not wrong, as those most certainly are tools. But for the culinary minded, the term tools also include stoves, knives, mixing bowls and anything else you might use

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Out Fitted
Quickly and easily turn your Pike Roof Top Tent into a two-story backcountry “condo” with the Pike Annex Room. The Annex easily attaches to the Pike tent’s extended floor and provides extra space for cooking, storing camping gear or changing clothes.
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Made The Cut
For many of us, knives are indispensable tools that we carry either on ourselves, in our packs or in our vehicles daily. It seems that more often than not, they’re currently only used to slice open those brown cardboard packages with smiles emblazone
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Dreaming Of Dakar
Trillions of sand particulates flew through the air as a rally rig careened over the sand dunes. Rugged and rocky landscapes were met with silty sand dunes large enough to swallow houses. The rig could barely stay upright, while dust splayed wildly u