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The Complete Vegan Cookbook

With alumni like Chloe Coscarelli and Tal Ronnen, the famed Natural Gourmet Institute trains chefs to elevate vegetables to new heights. And now, it’s sharing its culinary expertise in a

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Why I’m Vegan
@BIZERKELEYVEGAN AND COMMUNITY ORGANIZER “I am vegan because I can stay true to myself and leave cruelty off my plate. The idea of hurting animals and consuming their flesh has been weird to me since childhood, but then I was introduced to veganism i
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Spoiled Vegans Cafe
SANDIEGO, CA HUNGRY BRUNCHERS lucky enough to nosh on Todd Anderson and Samantha Aaron’s waffle-wrapped meatless sausages and plant-based McMuffins probably don’t know they owe their good fortune to a gnarly two-day hangover. But when Anderson return
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Eat More Cookies!
AGAINST ALL ODDS, we’ve made it through 2020. But while many are planning juice cleanses and meal-prep strategies to jumpstart the new year, we’re going all in—on cookies! And one bakery is helping us set the trend. Last year shone a light on how tra