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Lasting Impression
Keys have long held meaning in jewellery. The ancient Greeks saw them as a symbol of knowledge, and in Eastern Europe they were hung upside down over beds to ward off bad dreams. For many they signify the opening of locks, the overcoming of obstacles
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Meant To Be
“Cheers to 11 glorious years of elegance and of empowering the fashion community across the country. Harper’s Bazaar is embedded in the design and cultural DNA of us all.“ “The first-ever cover of Bazaar published on November 2, 1867. I distinctly re
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The Perfect Picture
MY SISTER AND I BOTH CARRY AROUND the same photograph of our parents. Hers is in colour; mine is black and white. My father and mother are sitting on a bench with the Taj Mahal behind them. It is the early 1970s. My mother is in a sari and my father