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Treat opportunities opening up before you as confidential. Avoid confiding in someone to whom you’ve often told your deepest, darkest secrets—it could rob you of the chance to improve your position, status, or lifestyle.

LUCKY DAY 4th—taking a philosophical approach to problems brings clarity.



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Emer Aldcity
From wide-brimmed boaters to structured bowler hats, this topper instantly elevates any look and doubles up as protection from the sun. Yarn made of industrial glass or recycled fishing net material, silk and raffia mesh woven to resemble chainmail—f
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1. Harpreet Kaur Lamba is a renowned sports journalist who specialises in field hockey. She has covered major events such as the Olympic Games, Hockey World Cup, Asian Games, and Commonwealth Games. She is the former sports editor of The Asian Age. I
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The Game Changers
YEAR 2019 HAS BEEN PHENOMENAL FOR INDIAN SPORT, AND AT THE HEART and soul of it have been its women athletes. If 17-year-old college girl Manu Bhaker demolished existing records and set new highs in the world of international shooting, 36-year-old bo