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“I’ve always thought of myself a feminist. I’ve known no other way. Even if the word ‘feminism’ entered my lexicon late in life, I’ve believed in it since the time I’ve recognised that women have to fight for their rightful place in the world.

In a country like India, you’ve

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My Dream Life!”
It is 8:10pm, and Kiara has just entered the studio where the Cosmo covershoot will take place. It’s an uncommon time for a covershoot, but this one is an exception. Because, over the last few weeks, Kiara has been in the throes of a frenzied promoti
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‘Should I Stay, Or Should I Leave?’
We’ve all been there… when you want to shake bae, out of frustration, anger, or pure disbelief, and then walk out. Fact: every relationship has its lows and highs. Some of the lows are ‘normal’ but then there are others that you shouldn’t be putting
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Street Style
“I’m obsessed with polka dots right now! I’ve paired my favourite polka-dotted dress with a faux leather jacket and beret. The red bag and lips add a fun pop of colour.” “I’m hung up on all things metallic, and this bomber jacket holds a special plac