The American Scholar

The Traveler in a Shrinking World

In this issue of the SCHOLAR, , now a resident of Moscow, reflects on his career as a freelance writer traveling throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America (see page 56). During that time, the world has undergone profound changes in geopolitics, technology, and climate. To supplement his essay, we asked Tayler, who is the author of seven books, to pose four questions on the future of world travel.

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Farah Peterson’s “The Patriot Slave” (Summer) is one of the best articles I have read on the subject of slavery. It took me back to the late 1940s, when, as a young African-American boy growing up in Florida, I would listen to my paternal grandmother
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THAT THERE IS A CRISIS in the humanities will be news to no one in American higher education. Diagnoses, defenses, and remedies have been so commonplace in writing about the subject, for so long, that this crisis, even to those in the midst of it, ca
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(Fall Term) Browsing the criticism section of the campus used bookshop, I unearth a copy of my scholarly monograph on postcolonial Graveyard Poets, already thick with dust, misplaced between Ramazani and Ransom. “Goodnight bears,” Mira says, knocking