House and Leisure

right angles

In the fashion of so many modern concrete edifices today, greenery cascades down the facade of the four apartments that make up this architecturally significant building. But this block isn’t just another conception of a young landscaper keen to bring a touch of verdancy to Cape Town’s urban jungle. Erected in 1971, it was one of the first additions to Claremont’s suburban scene that smacked of Le Corbusian modernism. Distinctly right-angled and deceptively simple in structure, it

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Gather Round
Create a minimalist kitchen by keeping all cabinets, counters and surfaces linear and as simple as possible. Blur the boundaries between the kitchen and living area by choosing a unifying palette. Using varying hues of the same colour and texture wil
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Dinner Date
TIP For a playful touch, set the scene with eye-catching glassware and tactile ceramics in colourful hues. TIP There’s nothing more alluring than a table adorned with dinner candles – play with candle holders in different materials, shapes and heig