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You’re getting warmer

Comforting colours are exactly what we need right now, with tones from soft peach through to red ochre generating a sense of warmth, inside and out. Pantone even named coral their colour of the year

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Women Vs Men
Research shows that women suffer more chronic pain than men. So, why is this? “We don’t really know if women’s pain is simply more reported than men’s, but there are certainly underlying elements that mean women are genetically predisposed to pain,
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Miguel’s Spanish feast
SERVES 2-4 PREP AND COOK TIME 40 MINUTES splash extra virgin olive oil100g clean calamari, scored5 large green prawns, unpeeled (see tip, opposite)3 cups (750ml) chicken stock250g bomba rice (use arborio if you can’t find bomba)10 black mussels, cl
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Find Your Light
Forget about certain rooms being better for certain plants – all that matters is how much sun they’ll receive. “All plants need light and none will do well for long in a very low- or no-light position,” Craig says. “As a general rule, approximately 2