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wedding color 101: the new-school rules

Years ago, weddings were white—period. Brides wore white, and cakes, flowers and centerpieces followed. A color-loving couple would be lucky to work in a few fun accents—maybe a pair of sapphire studs for her or a crimson tie for him. Today, parties incorporate plenty of pigment. Because of that, your wedding colors should be pinned down before (or at the same time as) you pick your venue. Here are nine things

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Make It Legal
In all three states in the Greater Cincinnati area (Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky), the legal age to marry is 18. Applicants under 18 must have parental consent and may need marriage counseling papers to obtain a legal license. The license must be obtai
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Ring Insurance 101
1 Is the ring still covered if you lose it accidentally or it’s badly damaged—or only if it is stolen? 2 Is the ring insured for the full cost you paid for it or just a fraction of the cost? 3 Will you have to purchase a replacement through a specifi
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BANDS Of A Feather
You don’t need a giant rock to make a statement. While an engagement ring is an undoubtedly special piece of jewelry, a wedding band is equally meaningful to add into the mix or wear alone. The best part? The bands of the moment are all about letting