World War II


IN 1940, POLISH underground leader Witold Pilecki did the unthinkable: he willingly arranged to be imprisoned in Auschwitz, the labor complex that swelled into Nazi Germany’s largest concentration and death camp.

Author Jack Fairweather uses diaries, letters,

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Book Briefs
By Justus Rosenberg. 304 pp. William Morrow, 2020. $28.99. A longtime professor of literature, Justus Rosenberg’s love of language shines through in this eloquent and vivid memoir. As violence against Jews in Danzig, Poland, escalated in 1937, he fle
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Over Troubled Waters
ANDREW HOCKO JR., the son of Slovakian immigrants who settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania, coal country, was a waist gunner aboard Double Trouble, a B-24J Liberator bomber that took off from Pandaveswar, India, on February 13, 1945. Joined by five othe
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Exercise In Futility
READING THE STORY about the donated D-Day broadcast tapes in the February 2020 issue (“WWII Today”), I was rather surprised to learn that the Luftwaffe had attacked the Allied armada in the English Channel heading to the Normandy landings. I may well