World War II


RESCUE BOARD: The Untold Story of America’s Efforts to Save the Jews of Europe

By Rebecca Erbelding. 384 pp. Doubleday, 2018. $30.

FROM APRIL 1933—when Hitler’s government issued its first anti-Jewish law—until early 1944, the United States government did virtually nothing to aid those

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Exercise In Futility
READING THE STORY about the donated D-Day broadcast tapes in the February 2020 issue (“WWII Today”), I was rather surprised to learn that the Luftwaffe had attacked the Allied armada in the English Channel heading to the Normandy landings. I may well
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Broken And Unbroken
During the U.S. Congressional investigation of the Pearl Harbor attack held immediately after the war, a stunning fact emerged: even before the attack, American cryptologists had mastered the Japanese cipher machine they had codenamed “Purple” and ha
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Crossroad berlin
By the first days of April 1945, the “Thousand Year Reich” had just one more month to live. American armies had breached the Rhine from the west and had taken major cities such as Frankfurt and Kassel. The British were entering northern Germany. The