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We all know the scene, spending eight or more hours a day in an office in front of a computer, typing away on a screen. We increasingly work with machines at machine pace. We work to the clock, not the seasons or even sunset and sunrise.

It is estimated that we spend around one third of our entire lives at work. If we cut

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What Ceos And Senior Executives Are Paid
Some 75 percent of chief executives receive one or more benefits in addition to salary and 30 percent of chief executives were paid a bonus, at an average 28 percent of their base salary, according to Strategic Pay’s Pay at the Top: 2020 Senior Execu
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A Word About Good Planning
It’s no secret we’d all rather forget 2020. The pandemic not only had a significant impact on the viability and finances of New Zealand’s businesses, but many business owners also struggled to get their head around various new tax and compliance requ
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Sensitive Expenditure: Building Trust And Confidence
At the Office of the Auditor-General, we often remind the public sector that the public’s trust and confidence in it is driven by competence, reliability, and honesty. But it doesn’t matter where you work – those factors will drive trust and confiden