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WORDS to the wise Ann’s keeping the faith

It’s a unique record of Jewry in Aotearoa but for nonagenarian author Ann Gluckman, her latest book is a two-year labour of love that she credits for rescuing her from the depression of older age.

As the former Weekly contributor and travel writer celebrates the launch of the third volume of Identity and Involvement: Auckland Jewry Past and Present, she’s proud of the legacy it leaves for future generations.

Packed with personal essays from more than 120 members of Auckland’s Jewish communities, the work is a snapshot of modern Judaism in

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A Family Man
Six days short of their first anniversary, Elizabeth gave birth to their first child and the future heir to the throne, Prince Charles. The following year, Philip, who was still in the navy, was posted to the Mediterranean island of Malta, and this i
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I‘m going to miss Prince Philip. I’m not sad exactly. It’s hard to be sad about the loss of someone you don’t know personally. Besides he was 99. What a wonderful innings. But just like cricket, you’d have much rather he’d made it to 100. I’m old eno