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Broiling Point

there was a cooking appliance that could replicate the same great flavour created by an outdoor grill but that: 1) didn’t require you to leave the cosy confines of your kitchen; 2) posed no risk of runaway flare-ups; and 3) could get muscle-making meals on the table in a flash? ■ We’re talking about your oven broiler, that near-abandoned drawer with its lonely corrugated pan. It’s time to start cranking it up more often. Think of broiling as essentially upside-down grilling, in which a blast of intense heat penetrates food from above and, in

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Shortcut To Strength
Popularised in the 1970s by US weightlifting coach Carl Miller, clusters — also known as interset rest periods — break sets of strenuous, strength-spiking lifts into shorter, more manageable bouts. For example, instead of doing five sets of five reps
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Prepare The Perfect Cocktail
If the cocktail you’re making contains citrus, fruit juice, or dairy, it should always be made in a shaker. Pour the ingredients over as much ice as you can pack in the cup and shake until the outside of the shaker becomes frosty. Then strain and ser
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Epic Games
The Far Cry series throughout the years has taken players to exotic islands, Himalayan mountains, the African bushveld and even back to prehistoric times. So where to next for the popular series? Well the good old United States of America of course.