As we’ve said throughout this feature, sleep tech on its own is not a magic bullet for instantly better slumber – your lifestyle choices and sleep hygiene are far more crucial – but some gadgets can give you a helping hand. The key when

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How To Use Android For Dictation And Transcription
Essays, emails, articles and the like mainly get written on computers because it is much easier to work on large screens and keyboards. But what about ideas that arrive while you are out walking or traveling? Pretty much everyone carries a smartphone
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Reddit User Makes An Ace Attorney Bot For Heated Arguments On The Site
A Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney bot is turning Reddit arguments into courtroom scenes from the game. The bot was created by YouTuber Micah who uploaded a video of it in action, using the r/confession subreddit as an example. In the video, defence atto
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
$1,199, The Galaxy Z Flip introduces the flip phone to the smartphone generation thanks to Samsung’s bold rethink of how foldable screens work: it collapses in half vertically. This means the Z Flip (and newer Z Flip 5G) has a big tr