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The message out there is that the world of work has changed and that we all should work longer. In many cases this may mean becoming an entrepreneur and building your own brand.

The best way to tackle

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Summer Jump-starters
Naked oysters are sadly the version that most people are familiar with. Very basic, I Know, but it neednʼt be so mundane. You can spice them up with the perfect dressing. PREPARATION TIME: 10 minutes YIELDS 4 Ingredients: 24 oysters, shucked½ red oni
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DON’T TEAR Your Hair Out
Irene Zhoosh, Minzani ambassador and hairdresser; Terrence Terenzo, recent winner of the National Hairdressing Icon Award and owner of salon suite concept Terenzo Suites; and Tatenda Sibanda, Candi & Co head trainer, share their ultimate hair tips fo
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Reece Witherspoon is an extraordinary mix of a modern-day Hollywood role model and the girl next door. “My grandmother Dorothea always said that it was a combination of beauty and strength that made Southern women ‘whiskey in a teacup’. We may be del