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A Lasting Impression

One of the most formidable partnerships in architectural design, the Chenchow Little pairing of Tony Chenchow and Stephanie Little commenced in 1994, with Chenchow Little officially founded in 2004. At the time, both were fresh from completing honours in architecture from the University of New South Wales (1993 Chenchow, 1994 Little). What makes this exceptional is the rarity of a graduate partnership evolving with such a lack of experience in other practices. Granted, each worked in

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How long have you lived here and what drew you to the property? This project was a completely new build, and I was both architect and client, which was an amazing opportunity to deliver on my vision without too much compromise. We moved in Easter 20
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PHOTOGRAPHER JULIEN T HAMON AND ©ACHP/ADAGP 2020 The latest fragrance from skincare brand Aēsop is a tribute to the life and work of eminent French modernist designer and architect Charlotte Perriand and the Japanese Wabara rose that takes her name.
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Everything’s In A Name
How do I get out of bed in the morning?” asks Matt Woods in to response what is possibly my biggest foot-in-mouth moment as a journalist to date. “Initially, I was thinking that I would fight the good fight from the inside to make the positive change