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ow much does mileage weigh in on a car purchase for you? For most, it’s a big driving factor as to whether or not that cold hard cash will be handed over. There are those that simply won’t even touch anything considered to have high-kilometres, regardless of the condition it may be in. Many still use the benchmark of any

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Drag Times
NEW ZEALAND’S QUICKEST STREET CARS RULES Cars must be registered and have a WOF, drive back up the return road, have raced within the last two years, and still belong to the driver who set the time. If you know anyone who should be on the list, make
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Full Thrust
POWER: 485kW, 708kW TORQUE: 850Nm, 1150Nm BOOST: 17psi, 32psi FUEL TYPE: Mix of BP 98 and methanol TUNER: Darryl Turk at EFI and Turbo Believe it or not, despite ‘car’being a pretty important word in the title of this magazine, Palmy local Reuben Hoe
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Nick Cassidy Delivers Supra Super Gt Debut Win
Kiwi TOM’S Toyota driver Nick Cassidy and teammate Ryo¯ Hirakawa have pedalled the team’s new Supra entry in the Super GT right to the top spot in a dominant victory for the seasonopening race at Fuji Speedway. The win was supported by an all-Toyota