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Two-and-a-half Seconds To Top Speed
Aaron Mai describes his wild passenger ride: “As we idle off the back of the trailer, we are sitting low and lazy in the water, the boat feeling very tame and calm. When Reuben throttles on, the boat rises up on top of the water, then the boost comes
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Supra To Get Big-daddy M3 Motor
The crown for most controversial new car release in recent times is easily taken out by the Toyota Supra A90. Fans of the model line were ecstatic to hear news that there was finally a fresh variant of the much-loved sports car on the way, only to be
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Local Specialists
OILS, ADDITIVES FLUIDS, FUELS AND WORKSHOP CONSUMABLES RECHARGE BATTERIES Battery revitalizer and conditioner / 0800 36 66 36 PO Box 350, Pukekohe, Auckland SOUTH PACIFIC ETHANOL Suppliers of quality race fuels