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At-the-ready air filtration

eiling-mounted air filters can help control airborne dust, but the microscopic particles posing the greatest risk to your health reach your lungs before the ceiling. Axiom’s freestanding Stratus

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White Board In The Wood Shop
Many contractors rely heavily on dry-marker white boards for scheduling, sketching, notes, and reminders to name just a few uses. I find that they are just as useful in the shop. In addition to boards, the material is available in thin sheets with se
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Flower arrangements, whether dried or fresh, will add a bright spot to any room. But all too often the vase is overlooked. This copper and walnut vase-on-stand designed by senior editor Ken Burton is equal to whatever floral display it may present. A
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Routing Through-mortises In Thick Stock
When faced with cutting a through-mortise in a 3"-thick slab, I opted to rout it using a combination of commonly available pattern and flush trim bits. First, I made a template from 1/2" plywood, cutting an opening in it the exact size of my desired