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TRACEY HALLIDAY AND BRENDON Cleaver completed different Bachelor of Design degrees at Wellington’s Massey University. While she was studying interiors, he was over in the graphic design department. The two met during printmaking, an elective paper that prefaced a mutual move to London and, more recently, a wee baby boy named Cecil.

After graduating, the pair relocated to Auckland – Tracey’s home city – but “we always knew it

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The Urbanists
If The Scrap Yard had its own aphorism, it would be that rebirth is a commonly rewarding business. Its born-again story began in 2018 when it was still a demolition and salvage yard on Grey Lynn’s unassuming Westmoreland Street. In that year, it was
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Gestalten, approx. $150 Too much, even as the vaguest of quantities, seems as if it does not exist in this book. Yet there is something measured, even precise, in the interiors it contains. From a library with a gold-leaf ceiling to an apartment with
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Phantasmal Holiday
The rendered worlds of self-taught South African artist Alexis Christodoulou are excavations. They are as much of modern architecture as of their influences, from films and photographs to the tones of Aldo Rossi’s drawings. alexiscstudio.com ■