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but I’ve sat at the hotel pool converting my rands to euros (or other currencies), wondering if I can afford another piña colada, one too many times. That’s the thing about travelling on a weak currency. Unless you’ve been saving for months on end (and even sometimes when you have), there’s something about paying the equivalent of R400 for a margherita pizza at

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Giving Back
R1 from the sale of every print issue of this magazine will be donated to Lorna’s new charity, the Bophelo Foundation, set up to help children realise their dreams. ‘I recently launched the Bophelo Foundation, of which I’m the chairperson, and we’ve
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MEGHAN WERNER @theonista
Originally from New Mexico in the US, Meghan studied public health and policy at Johns Hopkins University before moving to Lesotho to work in the public-health field. In 2011 she headed to Cape Town with plans of travelling further, and never left. A
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