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Q&A with Carole Baijings

Semi Permanent

Aotea Centre, Auckland August 9–11

How did you get started in design? We met, fell in love, and have been working together 24/7 for 18 years.

Our studio is situated in a 1925 pump station, right next to the Rijksmuseum. The complex consists of a 3D-printing workshop, a workshop, guesthouse, our studio including a dining room and meeting

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Design Notebook
This highly resolved encampment is a permanent home. Talk us through how the concept came about. NAT CHESHIRE Deborah and Philip were so unusually engaged in this place. It wasn’t just a site with a view awaiting a house. It was dirt and rocks and bu
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New to Market
1— ‘IO’ coffee table by Tolv, from $1069 from Dawson & Co, dawsonand.co.nz. 2— ‘Aer’ vase by Gabriel Tan for Menu, from $498 from Simon James, simonjames.co.nz. 3— ‘Roman’ pool towel by Baina, $100 from Baina, shopbaina.com. 4— ‘Onishi’ vase by Ke
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It’s A Cracker!
We bought a house! It seemed to take forever and we went to rather a lot of open homes. I spent many hours investigating the Auckland Unitary Plan and sketching on the back of real-estate brochures, because if I don’t do that I can’t commit to a hous