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When life gets tough, it’s natural to seek guidance, and that’s when a self-help book can really have an impact on our mental state and day-to-day. ‘Often when we are “stuck” with a problem or are unhappy, it’s because we have limited knowledge, too narrow a viewpoint or a lack of practical ideas on what to do next,’ says well-being coach Alexandra Lees. ‘Self-help books assist us to overcome this by offering fresh and independent insights, and tools for change. They can broaden our perspective, motivate and inspire us.

And while not everyone can afford the money or time to see a therapist, books are

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Varicose veins are the enlarged blue lumps that most commonly appear on our legs and feet, often causing us to cover up even in warm weather. They might be small, but varicose veins can be a big problem; in fact, they can be the cause of embarrassmen