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“I began my fitness journey almost 10 years ago and started taking it a lot more seriously about 6 years ago.”


“When I started training, I was quite clueless. I tried different

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Muscle & Fitness Hers
Chief Executive Officer Dirk Steenekamp Managing Editor Jason Fleetwood - Client & Digital Manager Louise Van Der Nat - Illustration Editor Craig Toontas - Motoring Editor John Page - jo
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Shrimply Irresistible
SERVES 2 1 lb frozen, cooked, and peeled shrimp½ cup Persian cucumbers, sliced¼ inch thick1 cup frozen peas Sea salt½ cup halved grape tomatoes4 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil3 tbsp red wine vinegar1 tsp balsamic vinegar1 tsp minced garlic2 pinches dry
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The Hers Guide To Crushing Stress
BLAME IT ON THE SMARTPHONES that are constantly pinging us with texts, tweets, and emails. Blame it on the overcrowded trains, freeways, and big-box stores. Blame it on the Great Recession, global warming, Netflix, or that $6 latte in your hand. What