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What makes for a good year?

For those given over to a positive temperament, the new year brings a sense of optimism for the year ahead. Conversely, for those among us on the ‘realistic’ side of things, it tends

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The 7 Churches Of Revelation
We are continuing in our series focussing on the 7 letters to the 7 churches of Revelation. In the letter to Philadelphia, which represents the faithful church, you will find no rebuke of the church. This was a small church, but mighty in the Spirit.
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Letters To The Editor
Dear readers, we love to hear your thoughts on the stories that we publish, what is going on around the world, and what the Lord has placed on your heart! Email your letter through to for a chance to be featured – please try to ke
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Yesu, ndiyakholwa ukuba wandifela emnqamlezweni. Apho walinyazwa ngenxa yeziphoso zam, Walinyazwa ngenxa yobubi bam, ubetho loxolelo lwam lube phezu kwakho. Ndifana nemvu elahlekileyo, ndiye ndalahleka, kodwa ndiyakholwa ukuba uThixo walibeka phezu k