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How should we respond to celebrities coming to Christ?

If you’ve been following the news lately, you will have noticed a significant wave of celebrities who are turning to Christ. In what is referred to as a massive spiritual movement, the sinful city of Hollywood is turning more and more stars away from the lifestyles of excess, immorality, and self-promotion as they are embracing a new hope in Jesus. The first question in most Christians’ hearts is how sincere these conversions really are. Many are quick to point out the bad fruits and lifestyle choices of the celebrities. Some are fiercely critical and condemn them, calling them false prophets. And others are filled with hope and a wilful desire for the conversions to be true. So, the question that many are asking is how should we – as believers in Christ – respond to celebrities who claim to be Christian?

Questions to be considered

Among the Christian public, these conversions fuel long debates. Is the faith of these well-known figures really sincere? Do they have any

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