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It’s in wintry weather that I sometimes recall how ‘classic’ motoring was not always fun, and certainly not hassle-free. Way back when I was a graduate trainee working at Jaguar in Coventry, on weekends I often felt the need to travel north to see my parents in West Yorkshire. But these journeys were not undertaken in a car (I couldn’t afford one) and not by train either (too expensive). So what, and how? Would you believe it would be as a passenger in a

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Upgrading The Stag’s Driveshafts
Last issue I explained the reasons why I’d decided to upgrade my Stag’s driveshafts with modern CVjointed items, and how I got them shipped out from the UK. This issue I’ll get stuck into the job of fitting them, and also a couple of other tasks I de
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Rod Ker Animal Attack
Apart from advancing medical science, it’s hard to think of any remotely positive effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, but at least many of us suddenly had plenty of spare time on our grubby hands. Furloughed, shielded or quarantined, what better opportu
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Iain Ayre Why Do I Write Books?
Being a writer is financially a curse. If you’re a writer, it’s what you are rather than what you do. I’ve never written a novel, because there are probably 50,000 people in the UK alone who have the talent and application to write good novels, so it