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UK TAP WATER IS AMONG the purest in the world and more than two million tests a year are carried out on it to ensure it stays this way. What concerns some experts are the processes used to make it so safe, including chlorination. ‘Adding chlorine to water is a life saver – it kills bacteria that cause so many problems elsewhere in the world,’ says nutritionist and health coach Fran McElwaine (). ‘However, chlorine competes with iodine to enter your thyroid, so there is

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YOUR healthy HEART
A smartphone app with a monitoring device was found to be five times more effective at diagnosing serious heart conditions, compared to standard tests. A study from The University of Edinburgh found that devices that can record an electrocardiogram (
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Beauty Shelfie Sleeping Beauty
Mandarin, vetiver and lavender make for a wonderfully therapeutic combination in the Verdant Alchemy Drift Off Mineral Bath Salts (from £12, Combine this with the relaxing effects of magnesium and the sleep-inducing power of a
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New Ways To Look After Your Heart
NEXT TIME YOU TEXT A heart emoji to your beloved, spare a thought for the real flesh and blood organ keeping you alive. Your heart beats around 100,000 times per day at a speed of between 60 to 80 beats per minute as it pumps blood around your body.