Location, location, location

taycations are an excellent fuss-free way to enjoy the weekends with family, but holing up in the hotel room all day long might not be the best way to maximise your time. With any of the five Park Hotel Group’s properties, you have the chance to explore your own backyard before retiring to your hotel room to enjoy the rest

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From Sustainable Seafood Procurement To Earth-friendly Amenities And Packaging, Eve Tedja Highlights Hotels And F&B Businesses In Bali And Singapore That Lead By Example.
There is more to Azul Beach Club Bali than stunning sunsets. The beachfront Tiki bar, restaurant and beach club has been supporting green design and sustainability from the ground-up. Proudly housed in locally-designed bamboo architecture, the open-a
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State Of The Oceans
According to the latest edition of the United Nations Fisheries & Agriculture Organisation's (FAO) The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2020 report, overfishing has increased from 33.1 percent in 2018 to 34.2 percent currently, resulting in a
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The Communal Spirit
A sprawling Balinese village beckons in the heart of Sanur, resplendent with landscaped gardens and the lush tree canopies of the jungle providing shade along the winding pathways that connect each separate courtyard, pavilion and villa. The new Anda