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A tale of two gardens

Growth is something that fascinates her, says Annatjie Truter, a teacher in Frankfort in the Free State – whether it’s a plant, an animal or a human being.

Annatjie says the man who helps her in her

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The New Instructions
Separate plastic window Gift boxes with a plastic window; such packaging needs to state that the box is recycled and the window not Empty contents and reattach closure Oil-based contents are currently sent to landfill, so there’s no need to wash cook
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The Marrow Of Life
What’s in a name? In South Africa we use the term baby marrow for what the French call courgette and the Italians zucchini. A fully mature “baby” marrow with its fibrous and watery flesh is referred to as a marrow. However, there are some slight hort
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Hooch Without The Hit
As the ban on alcohol sales dragged on, we noticed increasingly more people sipping The Duchess Alcohol-free Gin & Tonic. Now, this brand has launched the refreshing Spritz, an alcohol-free wine spritzer in the flavours Berry Rosé and Elderflower Whi