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You need to listen and then you need to respond very clearly. You need to understand risk and how you can use it to its advantage. And you need to understand the

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Curious Practice
Warren Haasnoot (35) and Greg Lee (36) have more in common than a passion for architecture. They both graduated from TAFE and worked in architecture practices locally before completing their Masters of Architecture at the University of Newcastle. Aft
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How To Build Trust In Remote Teams
Whenever there is change and uncertainty, employees will naturally withhold expending too much energy into a team, until it feels safe to do so. Continuing to boost your team’s trust levels is critical, while everyone is learning the ropes. This is t
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Connecting Country
As powerful Black and Indigenous Lives Matter marches bring a wave of feet to Australian streets, it’s heartening to see so many non-Indigenous allies realise that now is the time to stand up. That they must speak out against systemic racism more bro