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Designed to be used at your dining table – whether it be inside or outside – the Tefal Power Grill is a great way to bring the family together to cook and eat. The grill heats up quickly and features a large 2-in-1 surface, half being a grill plate and the other half a flat plate. This allows you to cook a variety of ingredients at the same time. The non-stick grilling

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The Plan
STRENGTH TRAINING Strength workouts are important for distance training because they shore up weaknesses and help your muscles avoid fatigue. You’ll alternate between two circuits: Circuit A is an injury-prevention routine created for this program (f
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Santa’s Little Diabetic
Once a year, Santa visits the children of the world and checks in on his cheeky elves; but this year his elves living with diabetes got a little something special. Fifteen-year-old Lachlan Di Pasquale has taken on a mission as “Santa’s Little Diabeti
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Our Food Explained
Our Nutrition Info boxes sit alongside each recipe. Use them to track your nutritional requirements, as well as count carbs, carb exchanges and find out whether a recipe is low-, medium- or high-GI, or gluten-free. Easy! We show you whether a food is