In the small town of Ibajay, Aklan, the sun sets as the light breeze grazes the palm tree-lined rural roads. The community props up their wooden saints adorned only with the best of costumes beaded to perfection for the procession of the faithful, a Catholic tradition every holy week in the Philippines. There, a wide-eyed Cherry Samuya Veric finds himself awestruck with the grandeur of it all. “It

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
This month, MEGA is all about staying true to its DNA. Since its inception, MEGA has always advocated for Filipino designers—giving them a platform to showcase not only their designs but more importantly, share their stories. To date, MEGA has been i
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Do Not Disturb
“No man is an island”–arguably the most famous poem of John Donne that’s often quoted today. Resonating with many for the main reason that we all long for companionship. It can be argued that we can never have enough of our neighbors’ pain for being
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Root Of The Matter
The KÉRASTASE Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Shampoo (P1750) has saved my hair so many times. It’s no secret that I constantly get blowouts, style, and color my hair frequently which can cause hair fall, coupled with stress and age. With its Hydra