Ray of Light and Rainwater

“Float. An element does not float. It must be on its own. Is this glazed? No.” John Bulcock, the principal designer of Design Unit Architects, reads aloud the scribbles on one of many sketches he made mulling over the design of Suryamzhu House. The sketch was a gift to the owner of the house, framed and displayed on a side table in the living pavilion.

“I talk to myself, you see. Here, it says: ‘Wall doesn’t touch.’ So this wall doesn’t touch the ceiling. It must be on its own. It’s related to the house but a separate element. The water is there to let

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Twice A Hundred
For the young architecture and interior design studio, FLAT12x, there are two sides to the growing globalized approach to architecture. “It brings things together, which is good for us to mature and refine our work,” remarks co-founder Julsamano Bhon
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Concrete Treat
From the street, two boxy forms peer over the front concrete wall and porous black metal gate. The light gray box towers over its dark rattan-encased neighbor. Because we espy no openings on the gray concrete face, it piques our curiosity immensely.
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Forged In Style
Workshops are the birthplace of the most wonderful creations, where people share knowledge and put skills into practice. It’s a space of intimacy, personality, and sociability–three characteristics embodied by the Diesel Open Workshop, a kitchen and