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The overused cliché, teamwork makes the dream work, has never felt truer for Casa Bella’s founders, Joseph and Stephanie Tay. Ten years ago, the newlyweds’ passion for design led them to the establishment of a brand that thoughtfully and meticulously curates well-designed European home pieces and makes them available to Philippine shores. This was the birth of Casa Bella. From carrying a single brand, the company has now grown its range to seven labels—making itself known to its loyal

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With hopes for escape and exploration held back with the restraints of a global health crisis, there’s a new term abuzz: revenge travel. It’s a perfect summary of the restless generation of today–a built-up desire to take a break from an imposed norm
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A looming name in the contemporary art scene, Ramon Orlina’s Museo Orlina is one of those must-see places to visit when things have gotten back to normal (or as normal as possible). 2020 saw him having to close his studio for three months, but which