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After an overnight stay in Istanbul—a city often visited—we drove to the airport at the break of dawn for an hour and a half long on yet another Turkish Airlines flight to Kayseri, the preferred hub to the 160-square-kilometer Anatolia Region, of which our main destination was Cappadocia, a jarring contrast of natural wonders and fanciful architecture, some 730 kilometers from the capital.

Its name, mentioned in the Bible, specifically in the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter Two, Verse Nine, is derived from katta peda, which means place below from the language of the Hittite Empire, is the origin of its toponym.

Today, it cements itself as an ethereal destination for tourists and travelers, environmentalists and archaeologists, the adventurers and the devout, and even the curious, who wish to seek out the many quirks of nature.


We walked through the picturesque town of Avanos, our entry point, and crossed the hanging bridge over the fabled Red

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