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After living in the British capital for over 5 years and writing about food for publications like The Independent, Evening Standard Magazine, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, and Hypebeast, Lifestyle Asia insider Ina Yulo has dined in most of London’s top restaurants. Whether it’s the latest establishment to earn a coveted Michelin star or the adventurous new challenger from East London, she has her finger on the pulse with regards to the movers and shakers of one of the world’s premier dining destinations. Here she shares the top ten restaurants that should be on any London visitor’s bucket list.


Ramael Scully was born in Malaysia to a Chinese/Indian mother and an Irish/Balinese father. He then grew up in Sydney with Indonesian and Bergamot , wild turbot, and oxtail with a rice cake and ginger soy, or my personal favorite, puff beef tendons with tomato Kilpatrick and oyster mayo.

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