The Ideal Home and Garden

NATURE Beckons

‘Live a life that respects all the connections in your life. Connections with nature and with the ones you love.’ To honour the wise words - the Earth &

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The Ideal Home and Garden
Executive Editor Ruhi Singh Copy Editor & Features Writer Arushi Chaturvedi Stylist and Research Coordinator Yukti Kasera Head Design & Production Ravi Parmar Art Director Mangesh Sawant Graphic Designer Harpreet Singh Image Editing Dipak Gaykar Prod
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Art On The Horizon
As the Indian art landscape enters its truly contemporary phase, we are witnessing an increase in artistic curiosity and exploration. Especially at a time like now when global events affect us all, there is a lot that the artist take from his or her
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Letter Of The Month
It’s been quiet the journey that I’ve had with TIHG. Over the years it has been a dependable source of inspiration for all the little revamps that I have managed to execute in my home. Genuinely it has made my home shine with renewed vigour every tim