'A Socioeconomic Tsunami': How The World Is Dealing With Pandemic

Developments on the ground in the past 24 hours come as the worldwide total of confirmed infections edged toward 200,000, with some 8,000 dead from COVID-19.
A commuter wearing a surgical mask for protection from coronavirus, in the London Underground, on Tuesday. Source: Ming Yeung

President Trump says the U.S. has reached an agreement with Canada to limit non-essential travel across their mutual border, as governments and people around the world grappled with the growing novel coronavirus pandemic that has upended daily life and sent shockwaves through the global economy.

Developments in the past 24 hours came as the worldwide total of confirmed infections from the virus was set to top 200,000, with some 8,000 dead from the resulting COVID-19 disease.

Here's a look at developments by region:


The European Union on Tuesday imposed on nonessential travel for non-EU citizens in an effort to slow the spread of the epidemic on the continent, which has seen a dramatic surge in confirmed cases in recent weeks. In an announcement late Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel

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