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Boeing has promoted in this early 2020 the inaugural takeoff of its newest aircraft, the 777-9X. After some setbacks, the jet is now performing an extensive campaign of flight tests, which considers the increase of more test aircrafts in the program. The new “triple seven” is the world’s largest twin-engine aircraft with capacity to fly 13,500 kilometers (7,285 nautical miles), enough to non-stop interconnecting nearly all the world’s capital cities. In a two class configuration, the 777-9 will be able to transport up to 426 passengers, only 30 less than what has carried the old Jumbo 747-200.


The 777X program faces significant challenges. The main one is about a version with less capacity and longer range, the 777-8, which will have to repeat the sales success of its older brother, the 777-300ER, which is today the model preferred by most world airlines in long

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Tragic Mistakes
The accident with Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 has generated world shock, especially after Iran's government has assumed that its anti aircraft defense system has downed the Boeing 737-800 that took off from Tehran, killing all 173 peo
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The 737’s Future
Boeing's decision to stop production of the 737 MAX has occurred because it would be inviable for the firm to maintain active the assembly line of the new jet without a definite term to begin again commercial flights of the model. Even so, it is an u